Milos – Travel guide

The first stop of our island hopping adventure was Milos. What makes Milos so amazing is that you get the true authentic Greek feel, because it isn’t flooded with tourists. Cruise ships don’t go to Milos and there’s only one ferry a day from most islands or a few flights a day, so it’s a bit harder to get there making it a little more exclusive.


Tsigrado: It’s kind of a sketchy path to get to this beach. The water is perfectly blue and clear, and because it’s a little harder to get to, there are way less people. It feels like a little hideout spot, and it’s the perfect beach to just relax and enjoy the magic of Milos.

Klima village: The most picturesque fishing village in Milos‘ is how Klima was described to us and it is one of the most photographed spot of Milos.

Firiplaka beach: Firiplaka is more of a traditional beach with sand and chairs, and you don’t have to climb down a ladder to get there. It’s right across from Tsigrado, so it’s pretty easy access.

Sarakiniko Beach: This is one of the most photographed spot of Milos island in Greece. It is AMAZING. Seriously, it’s our favorite spot on the island. We could spend hours walking around and exploring Sarakiniko. The whole „beach“ is made up of white volcanic ash, which gives it this amazing moonscape look and feel to it. It’s like an adult playground, because there is so much to explore and you could wander there all day. You can swim in the water, cliff jump, get insane views, and play in the sun. There’s really no other place on earth quite like it and that’s what makes it so unique and magical. Be sure to watch the sunset there one night, because when the sun hits the white rocks and the blue ocean it lights up the sky with the most amazing shades of purple and pink.

Take a boattrip to Kleftiko: Kleftiko is seriously INCREDIBLE. We booked a half day tour with Zephyros. This tour was of the highlights! So impressive! BRING YOUR SNORKEL GEAR! Even the boattrip to this place is something to enjoy and calm down!

Watch the Sunset in Plaka: Plaka is the cutest little town set up on the hill and it has the best view to watch the sunset. You can either watch it from the town square or do a short little hike to the old church! Both spots are absolutely beautiful. It’s the best place to wander after a day at the beach.


Adamas is situated on the gulf and is the port where you embark and disembark Milos from. It is THE place to be because this is the main hub where activities begin and end, public transport included. If you are wondering where to stay in Milos, Adamas is the best place to stay in Milos if you are looking for convenience in terms of food, tour bookings and car rental. It has cafes and restaurants right on the gulf, shops and markets, and a lot of other services.

While wondering through the village Pollonia we discovered this beautiful little boutique hotel: Captain Zeppos.

I’m sure we’ll visit Milos again.

Kisses Serena

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