If you’re looking for a cosmopolitan yet relaxing destination in Greece, then Paros is the place for you. Beautiful crystal clear waters coupled with elegant and chic cocktail bars and restaurants, calls for the perfect combination. There are so many things to do and see in Paros that you will find yourself reluctant to leave this island when the time comes! In Paros flowers bloomed everywhere and the scent of jasmine. I think that’s why I love Greece so much: the colours and scents radiate a life-loving spirit, which the nice and funny locals also make me feel.

Getting around:

Paros has a great public bus system that can take you to most beaches and towns on the island. This is especially convenient for anyone on a budget, as the bus ride is only 1.80€. As mentioned above, rentals are also commonly found on the island where you can rent cars (25€ per day) or scooters.


Antiparos: Antiparos, the sister island to Paros is just a 10 minute ferry ride from Pounda (7km from Parikia, the capital). Ferries run every half hour until late in the evening. Antiparos is a quite and calm island ideal for anyone who is seeking a relaxing escape. Filled with little traditional taverns and secluded beaches, this island offers a serene atmosphere. Just a short walk from the port you can find several beaches. Daily boat excursions around the island can also be found at the local tourist office.

Kolimbithres Beach: Just a short boat or car ride from Naoussa with crystal clear waters. You do not want to miss this one!

Lefkes: Lefkes is a small little village hidden between the mountains, perfect for escaping the loud tourist areas by the sea. This beautiful village, also the former capital of Paros, is full of white houses, narrow stone streets. You can find traditional restaurants, shops, cafes and a classical Byzantine church dating back to the 15th century in this town. Lefkes is perfect for visiting after a long day at the beach to watch the sun set behind the mountains.

Marpissa: Marpissa is located high on the hills of Paros. It is a beautiful quite village.

Parikia: The main port of Parikia is for many, the first and only place they see in Paros. That is because for most people it is the first stop arriving with the ferry. For those who are actually going to Paros, their first impression of Parikia might be one of chaos as their boat empties and converges with the crowd waiting in the port. But if you wait for the crowds to clear, you find that Parikia is not a bad place to base yourself. First of all it is the capital of the island which means it has all the important shops, some of the best restaurants and cafes, and much of the nightlife.

WHERE TO STAY: Margarita’s House

We had the chance of staying at this beautiful hotel for 5 nights. The charming and intimate hotel is the ultimate in the relaxed and elegant simplicity of island living. Combining breathtaking views with the luxury of absolute tranquility, beautiful architecture, warm hospitality, excellent cuisine and an inspiring land and seascape.
I can’t wait to return to this amazing place.

Margarita Studios

For the last three days of our Paros vacation we stayed at the beautiful Margarita Studios boutique hotel.

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